Welcome to week 5 of the VINTAGE BOWTIE FANCY SEW ALONG! Can you even believe it?!



This week, it’s time to finish your remaining blocks! If you are making the larger quilt, you should have about 30 blocks to finish, and if you are making the small version, you should have 12 left (that is…if you are following our schedule). I see that so many of you have flown past our weekly suggestions and are moving on to assembly which is so fun to see!

I have also loved seeing how some of you are tailoring your quilts, making them even larger, or scaling down to create table runners and smaller baby-sized quilts. There’s no shortage of inspiration in the #vintagebowtiesewalong hashtag and in our Facebook Group, too. Be sure to go take a look!


Susan’s orange goodness continues!

This week is also a good time to start laying out your blocks in your preferred setting. As I mentioned in LAST WEEK’S BLOG POST, the more variety you have of fabric tones, scale, and types (florals, geometrics, dots, etc.), the more it will make for a more interesting and “sparkle-y” finish.

Starting your layout, whether you have a design wall or use the floor, will help you identify what you might be missing. I like to lay them out, take a photo, and use the photo to identify any missing elements, colors too close together, etc.

A lot of times, you will notice one fabric that appears stronger than others [especially if you do the “squint test” when you look at your layout] and you will want to move it around to achieve more color and tone balance. Some people also like to change the photo from color to black-and-white to check contrast.

Susan, @thefeltedpear, will place blocks on her design wall, and then step away. Taking a break and then coming back with fresh eyes to make those final adjustments.

Then, simply finish your remaining blocks using your layout findings as a guide.

Next week, we sew the rows together!


Check back on Thursday for our FIG FRIEND FEATURE…Carol Shriver with her COTTAGE BLOOMS QUILT (pg. 78).

Happy Sewing!


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