Welcome back to Week #5! Can’t believe that we are already five weeks in! It always amazes me how quickly time flies and how quickly this project grows!


If you would like some more background info on the program, how it works or how we are planning on doing our version this year, please scroll back to the previous posts for all kinds of info…

This below is our starter palette and we will be adding creams, reds and greens throughout the program so if you have a chance to add in some of your own from your stash… go for it.

INTRODUCING BLOCK #5: TWO OF FIVE by Barbara Groves [Me & My Sister Designs]

I love this fun spin on one of my all time favorite blocks… there are so many different names for this block. MONKEY WRENCH, CHURN DASH, MALTESE CROSS plus similar variations like SHOO FLY or HOLE IN THE BARN DOOR.

To get the block directions for this week from Barb… GO HERE.


This week we decided to bring in a few more “non-Fig Tree” fabrics into the mix to change up the tones a little bit. I know I might be repeating myself but I just wanted to remind everyone that it is always important, when working with a more limited palette, to change the tones of the colors throughout the quilt in order to keep it interesting.

If we just used all the classic Fig Tree red and green for all of the prints [my favorites ofcourse], the overall quilt would be harmonious but maybe a bit more flat. Since it is such a varied sampler, it is the perfect opportunity to add in some darker reds, lighter greens, busier creams… all in an effort to keep the blocks interesting and your eye moving all around as you look at all of them. You don’t want to go too far out of your favorites, but just a little bit on each side of your “favorite tone” to keep it interesting.

  • The center fabric is from our upcoming Christmas Stitched collection due out later this summer.
  • The red triangles are from a recent Bunny Hill collection, Prairie Days I believe.
  • The little green criss cross pattern is from our Fresh Fig Favorites.
  • The tiny cream stars are one of our favorites from a recent
  • Ivory solid is only used in the (4) outer corners for this block.


For those of you asking… stay tuned for that.

We have FOR SURE decided on the blue chambray as our setting fabric. If you have decided to follow along with us and are using the same fabric [we have gotten some more in HERE], I recommend you either wash or at the very least spray starch the fabric well. Personally I would do both with this fabric. I am not really worried about the other fabrics and will lightly spray starch them before I work with them.

Normally I am not a washer of fabrics but with the chambray/crossweave fabrics I have done that sometimes to make sure I don’t get any bleeding down the road. Wash with color catchers to make sure the fabric is not bleeding. Also wash the fabric on the same temperature that you would potentially wash the quilt on.

We will see you guys next Wednesday with Block #6.

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See you soon, Joanna

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