Welcome back to Week #24 of Blockheads.

Only a few more weeks until we are done… can you guys believe that?

This week we are working on this lovely “OUTTAKES” block from Vanessa. So far its the only block in our series with this kind of angle which can always be a little tricky. You can use any of the methods provided, paper or specialty rulers. Take your time and sew slowly!

You can find info for the block over HERE.




  • The middle green print is from FRESH FIG FAVORITES.
  • The red print is from a BUNNY HILL DESIGNS collection I believe. It was a great chance to add in a different tone of red.
  • The small green print is our favorite eyelet print from CHRISTMAS STITCHED.
  • The background prints are from STITCHED and CHRISTMAS STITCHED.

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See you soon, Joanna

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  1. Joanie | 9th Sep 22

    When will you be publishing your setting pattern and material requirements for Moda BH4? Thanks!

    • | 14th Sep 22

      I it is in several of the blog post about BLOCKHEADS here on this block. if you scroll back through them, you will find it.

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