Welcome back to the final week of MODA BLOCKHEADS for 2022.

I don’t know why but it always surprises me when we finish. I guess it just becomes such a regular, weekly thing to do that I assume it will go on forever! I have really enjoyed sewing along with everyone this year and I AM IN LOVE with our final quilt so much. My favorite part has been watching everyone’s blocks and quilts evolve over the weeks and of course seeing them start to come together is the best part. I cannot wait to see what everyone decides to do with their projects.

Thank you to the amazing Cynthia Bird for her amazing sewing skills and her help sewing this once again this year.

I am partial to this block of course and its garden inspiration. Here is its official intro:

Today I am sharing my block, BLOSSOM, which happens to also be the final block of our program. Blossom was inspired by the summer flowers in my garden. I have to admit I don’t have much of a green thumb so the perennial flowers that come back to me every year are of course my favorites and there is less chance that I will kill them. Blossom was inspired by both mums and dahlias and peonies! Just a combination in my design brain I guess . 

Please download the PDF of the BLOSSOM block HERE. More info on how we made it below.




So this block gives you many different opportunities so showcase a little bit of some of your favorite fabrics. As you can see in the first block picture above, you can go a lot more scrappy and do each Petal a different fabric or go a bit more simple like we ended up choosing for the block we used in the quilt.

  • The middle ivory text print is from FRESH FIG FAVORITES.
  • The small red pin dot is also from FRESH FIG FAVORITES
  • The small green print is from FIGS & SHIRTINGS.
  • The background ivory pindot print is once again from FRESH FIG FAVORITES. I think those little pindots have become some of our top ” go to” prints for backgrounds.

For the secondary block version shown above, we inverted the colors and went for a completely different look. We chose the red pindot for the center, a variety of greens for the next set of petals and a red floral for the outer petals. This blocks feels busier and more involved than our more simple one and I love them both!


I am also so happy to share that we have finished up the whole quilt! I am not usually quite this quick but it sure helps when you have Cynthia as your piece extraordinaire and Susan as the quilter extraordinaire!! Thank you ladies!

We chose to finish our blocks with the setting we announced a few months ago and here it is in all of its glory!

If you are interested in our setting, here is the link to that post CLICK HERE. We used a scrappy group of reds, greens and ivory prints and finished the whole thing off with our favorite MODA denim CHAMBRAY.


Since we are wrapping up the whole program with this block, I only thought it was fitting to have a huge thematic giveaway in honor of our BLOCKHEADS progress. Hope you come on over to Instagram to enter in the GIVEAWAY… GO HERE FOR INSTAGRAM. I don’t think you will be sorry. It is a good one filled to the brim with red, green and ivory fabrics, patterns, notions and gift items.

We also have made up a few of these same bundle if you are wanting to start your own BLOCKHEADS exactly like we did. Available HERE in the shop while supplies last.

The CHAMBRAY we used is available HERE.


(25) fabrics in reds + greens+ creams, my Christmas Figs Sampler book, OLFA rotary cutter, zipper pouch, notepads, enamel pin set, specialty scissors, Christmas notepad tower, Frixion marking pens, my favorite Aurifil thread, my favorite Clover pins, a tea towel and my favorite black tape measure.

I know not all of you are on INSTAGRAM and I am sorry about that… this would be such a great moment to join! The GIVEAWAY will only be on INSTAGRAM and it can be entered by following my account and by commenting on the photo of the giveaway. Good luck everyone!

And so we bid farewell to another year of our beloved BLOCKHEADS and I with you all the time, energy and inspiration in finishing up your quilts this year!


Be sure to follow us on INSTAGRAM and join us in our FACEBOOK GROUP for all kinds of Fig Tree fun!

See you soon, Joanna

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  1. Sarah Yoffa | 28th Sep 22

    How do we enter to win the giveaway?? No info given here or on your Insta feed as to what you want us to do to officially enter! Argh. I would love to enter to win a FQ bundle of Fig Tree Favorites for my Christmas red and green collection of fabrics.

  2. Mary Andra Holmes | 28th Sep 22

    Fabulous finish 💙💙💙💙

  3. Beth | 28th Sep 22

    Thank you for your beautiful setting for BH4. I’m going to do my first on pointe top because I loved this setting so much.

    Also thank you for your generosity with the giveaway I love seeing your projects over on Instagram and made sure I got my comment in. 🥰

  4. JoAnne Foster | 28th Sep 22

    I love your fabrics and patterns and postings. FigTree is my favorite and every color combo is a favorite for me! I can’t wait to see what is coming next.

  5. Cheryl Evans-Holbrook | 28th Sep 22

    My favorite color combo is fig tree fabrics… lol I’m in love with your style and fabrics. Good luck everyone!!’

  6. Carrie Cameron | 28th Sep 22

    Joanna you have done it again. I never would have thought to put that blue in the final layout but it is Stunning. You have given me a whole new color prospective.

  7. Karen | 28th Sep 22

    I really like this setting and color choices. It is a beautiful quilt.

  8. Martha DeMarco | 28th Sep 22

    these fabrics are gorgeous!! I really like a blue and yellow combo prints and/ or solids.

  9. Patty Jones | 28th Sep 22

    Beautiful quilt Joanna!! I was waiting to see how it was going to look with that Moda Denim Chambray finishing, and I absolutely love it! And what an awesome giveaway, someone is going to have some super awesome happy mail. Thank you for all of your inspiration.

  10. Donna | 30th Sep 22

    I’m not sure that I have a favorite color combination. I like aqua and black, periwinkle and red, darker pastels of almost any color, but mostly just like fabric!

  11. Vivian B. | 1st Oct 22

    Great finish on both your block for Blockheads and your quilt! I have enjoyed this year’s set of blocks and the fabulous setting inspiration you and other designers provided. I have followed BH for a few years now but haven’t been organized enough to make any up. Heck, I still have to finish my scrappy version of your “Christmas Figs” that I started as a personal BOM challenge at the start of 2020 (which of course turned into “pandemic quilting”) after seeing Pat Sloan make two (!) of them in 2018. Good thing good quilt designs and Fig Tree fabrics age well!

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