Welcome back to Week #25 and #26 of Blockheads.

Oh my goodness…two more weeks and its my turn and the END… yup, I happen to be the very last addition. You guys aren’t going to want to miss the giveaway we have planned! But for today we have two more blocks to share.

This week we are sharing about Vanessa Goertzen’s “Heart” block and Corey Yoder’s “Postage Stamp” block. We have made some unique changes to both of the blocks so please look at the info carefully if you are working along with our version and want to do the same

You can find info for Vanessa’s block over HERE.

You can find info for Corey’s block over HERE.




So a heart, as lovely as it is, just wasn’t in our vision of the sampler that we were working on so we decided just to put a plain square in the center of this fabulous little star block. If you want to put in a plain square like we did, it is 3 ½” x 3 ½”. We decided to fussy cut a giant floral as a perfect little center!

  • The middle red print is from FRESH FIG FAVORITES.
  • The little cream and red star border is from STITCHED.
  • The small green dot is from FRESH FIG FAVORITES
  • The background text print is from STITCHED and the little red corners are from CHRISTMAS STITCHED. If you notice, we placed one of those wrong and had to fix it!



So for this lovely block we wanted a bit more of a design in the center as opposed to the large plain block. We opted for a simple SEW&FLIP star. If you want to do the same, here are our measurements:

  • From the small green print [CINNAMON & CREAM: Cut (1) 3″ center square [a].
  • From the small red dot [MODA BASIC]: Cut (12) 1 ¾” squares [b].
  • From the background dot [FRESH FIG FAVORITES]: Cut (4) 1 ¾” squares [c] and (4) 1 ¾” x 3″ [d].
  • We used the SEW&FLIP method to add the (4) red squares [b] to the corners of your center square [a]. We used the same method to make (4) flying geese blocks with the red squares [b] on the cream rectangles [d]. We assembled the star as shown here below.

For the rest of the fabric choices.

  • The tiny green dot border is from Robin Pickens’ THATCHED.
  • The red print is from a BUNNY HILL DESIGNS collection I believe. It was a great chance to add in a different tone of red.
  • The small cream print in the checkerboard is from STRAWBERRIES & RHUBARB.
  • The delicate pink stripe is also from a BUNNY HILL DESIGNS collection I believe.

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See you soon, Joanna

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  1. Sarah Yoffa | 27th Sep 22

    I’m compulsively refreshing your blog looking for the FINAL block (and your giveaway) in the Moda BH4 quiltalong! Yay Joanna!

    • | 27th Sep 22

      Working on it now :-). It will be tomorrow morning.

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